Saga Dawa

Excerpt from 55 minutes total footage. The footage depicts an incense burning ceremony during Saga Dawa, the most important Buddhist festival in Tibet. Kailash (崗仁波切峰), the holy mountain, comes in view frequently throughout the video. The presence of police and military personnel provides a grim backdrop for the current political condition in the region.

The act of walking has increasingly become a metaphor in my recent work. It is a pilgrimage, a ritual, a meditation, and, in “Behind the Waves”, an homage to the land. What I hope to capture is an active gaze that intensely visualizes the current, while in addition reflects on the past and the future. I do not seek nor avoid images of ruins and destruction. Since the ocean bears the most important witness, it will be constantly in view to remind us of the tragedy, the struggle, and, hopefully, both our vulnerability and resolute that makes us human.